A Story of Ambition

Quix is a company with an ambition. Today it opens a new gate enabling you to enjoy the first-of-its-kind application in delivery apps innovatively accommodating all services in one platform. We know that the challenge in the race for excellence is big, however we are ready to move ahead and look optimistically forward, utilizing our human and material resources to build a diverse quality culture in delivery service sector.

CEO's Message

Welcome to our matchless space where to enjoy lots of excitement. In the midst of our constant quest for super delivery innovation, we are relentlessly striving to become a player that keeps on growing by further developing its business. We are enough talented to rank on top of the leading e-service platforms, in today's challenging world. Our vision moves in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, having amazing opportunities at hand to grow by taking advantage of smart service. We will continue our approach to contributing to make a positive transformation in fast delivery sector, not just in KSA, but globally as well.
Majed Alhazmi

Our Reputation, Our Brand

Quix has a reputation for providing an exceptional delivery service, a measure of quality that differentiates it from competitors and reflects its brand and customers. Quix reputation is inherently linked with its ability to engage with customers, and to bring long-lasting impression in the market as a leading delivery service provider.

Have you got the app?

Available on the iOS and Android app stores