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Quixer's Rules and Conditions
  1. A valid National ID / Iqama photo.
  2. An unexpired Driving License photo.
  3. An unexpired Car Registration photo
  4. An unexpired Car Insurance photo.
  5. A valid Bank account or STC Pay number.
  6. A clear Car photo that shows the plate number.
  7. An immune status in Tawakalna based on Ministry of Health instructions.
  8. A valid mobile number for receiving calls and making calls with the customer.
  9. He must upload a personal photo with a white background without filters or sunglasses.
  10. He must have a food storage box (based on CITC), which we will provide.
  11. The applicant should pay attention to his appearance and the cleanliness of his clothes.
  12. To be careful and pay all attention to the cleanliness of the car.
  13. Pay attention to the cleanliness of foods, and meals so that they are delivered to their correct destination.
  14. Delivering orders to the customer’s address as quickly as possible and being on time.
  15. Treat customers in a polite, professional and good manner.
Common Questions

The cancellation and refund before executing the request, and the customer will be notified immediately upon returning the amount paid for the service when it is canceled or when it is compensated.

The process of delivering the order takes around half an hour to a maximum of 40 minutes, depending on the distance of the restaurant or store from the customer.

  • The beneficiary must review the terms and conditions of the service, the contract, the payment mechanism, and the refund before agreeing to implement the request. 
  • The beneficiary must pay the fee to the service provider as agreed in the service contract. 
  • The beneficiary is responsible for the correctness of the information, and the data entered by him.

The Rules and Conditions to work as a quix partner are explained.

The application works 24 hours to serve you.

  • Commitment to deliver the order as soon as possible to the customer.
  • Review the order after receiving it from the restaurant or store.
  • Remain attentive to the application for the speed of acceptance of the order.
  • Good dealing with customers to earn a high evaluation.